Robert Haddock

For Mayor of Elk Ridge

About Me

I was raised in a small town and was drawn to Elk Ridge as an ideal place to raise a family. After observing issues with city government, roadways, and development I decided to run for mayor to protect and maintain the idyllic hometown atmosphere we all enjoy and appreciate.

Growth is inevitable anywhere you live but with careful management and planning, growth can add services and benefits to our community. A city government that is fiscally-minded, transparent, and serves the citizens best interest instead of their own interests is ideal. Our city officials need to work together to negotiate these goals.

I am an Eagle Scout, served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, graduated from BYU with an Accounting degree and earned my CPA. I have decades of professional experience as an accountant, chief financial officer, controller and small business owner. I was the CFO for an excavation company that worked in the right-of-way, as well as a building company and developing company. I have worked with several city governments attending city council meetings and planning and zoning meetings. I am well-versed in city codes and safety protocol. I enjoy the outdoors and will fight to keep Elk Ridge City a place we enjoy calling home.

My Platform

Safety of residents #1 priority. Work in the right-of-ways requires extra care. The city needs to institute and enforce right-of-way permits requiring traffic control, time restrictions, and re-paving any asphalt patches the same day in most cases. I have 17 years of experience as the CFO of an excavation company that did hundreds of these jobs in dozens of cities and know how we were held accountable, and as a result know how to hold contractors working in Elk Ridge to those same standards. The site for the new public works building on Goosenest was on a steep hillside. The hillside was dug out leaving sheer drop-offs. It has been that way since February with no fencing or even caution tape. The neighbors on top of the hill have not been able to let their grandchildren play unattended all summer due to the hazardous condition allowed by the city.

Respect private property. This year on my street traffic was diverted onto private property because the city allowed the contractor to trench across the entire road. There was no warning or permission obtained and this was a planned excavation - not an emergency. The public works building under construction excavated into the uphill neighbors property line and left dirt from the excavation on neighbors property which killed two of their trees. When they informed the city, the city said they would have to deal with the builder. The builder said they would "make it right" but it has been over 6 months with no attempt to replace the trees. This type of disregard for private property rights of people you should be serving is sickening. The city should withhold payments to the builder until the homeowner is made whole.

Fiscally conservative. We have a limited tax base since we are almost exclusively a residential-only city, which translates to limited amount for expenditures. I have 25 years of accounting experience. I am currently employed at Sandvik, Inc in Spanish Fork as their Controller. I build quarterly budgets and track actual expenditures against budgeted amounts monthly and am constantly looking for cost-saving measures.

More parks and open space - less dense development - It is great to have the Gladstan golf course adjacent to Elk Ridge. It provides a lot of great views and open space. It is even better that it is in Payson, and we don't have to manage it. It is also great to have the mountains and public lands to our south that provide scenic views and cool breezes. The city property designated as future parks on the city plan need to be built to create more open space. The city has changed the zoning on some city owned land to residential with the intention of developing building lots and selling them to provide revenue. I feel this is a short-sighted vision. Once that property is sold, it will increase density and decrease open space forever.

Protect and preserve the city's assets - We have limited resources. Our water, sewer, storm drain, and road capacities need to be considered before approving any new developments. If capacities for any of these assets need expanded, impact fees should be assessed to cover these costs. City property should be a shining example of how property should be maintained. The future site of Goosenest Park has turned into a landfill. There is an abandoned home, junk cars, piles of asphalt, piles of branches, and tall weeds. We have dump trucks - let's haul this mess off to a real landfill, let's chip up the branches and use it in the city's landscaping, and let's keep the weeds mowed down. How can the city point the finger at minor resident infractions when they have such a huge eyesore themselves?

Why I am running for Mayor of Elk Ridge

Without leadership and proper management of resources, a city can become something the residents never wanted and somewhere they would rather not live.

This city is allowing developers to close roads, detour traffic, leave open trenches overnight, detour traffic onto private property, leave trenches unpaved for weeks, and on and on.

I was the CFO of an excavation company from 2001-2017. We performed all types of public works projects in the right-of-way for all types of municipalities. This kind of work would have been unacceptable and we would have been kicked off the job and fined.

I have expressed my concerns to the Mayor and offered a few suggestions. Interestingly enough I was told that isn't the way it is done here, and they allow developers to do these things as a convenience to the developers. It seems the developers are managing the city instead of the city managing the developers. I would think that this practice would be completely unacceptable to any tax-paying citizen.

Visit the "Safety Issues" tab to see some examples of how I plan to improve safety in Elk Ridge. All of them are within a 9 iron shot of my front yard and all of these issues have occurred within the past few months. I have not driven around the city looking for issues. These are just the things I have noticed on my block.

Why You Should Vote for Me

I believe our City employees are good people and doing their best. All of these issues sit with one person and the lack of leadership at that level is astounding. I also appreciate our First Responders and their efforts to protect and serve our community. They have an amazing legacy and I support them wholeheartedly.

I am not a politician or a lifelong government employee. With my financial background, my business and construction knowledge, and with the support of the residents of Elk Ridge, we can shape the growth of our community to best fit our interest and not the interests of some random developer.

I will continue getting out and meeting as many of my neighbors as I can. I welcome your advice and suggestions for improvement.

Most importantly I ask for your vote for Mayor of Elk Ridge.

Thank you,

Rob Haddock